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There’s been a proliferation of fake news regarding happenings in Comfort95.1FMUyo.

This isn’t necessarily a response to these fake news making rounds on social media, it’s only for the purpose of setting the records straight.

As we all know, Comfort95.1 FM Uyo is breaking the rules when it comes to Radio broadcasting and that’s not convenient for many people, but it is what we stand for and we will do our job. That’s why we are here, “To mark a marked difference”..

Thomas Jefferson said “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.”

People have been fretting over happenings at ComfortFM, we are a family and we will have issues and by God we will deal with whatever issues we have like the family that we are.

Social media is a beautiful gift, regardless of its imperfections. Those who use it can be said to sometimes be guilty of error or even bias. But when people or mushroom media houses are found trafficking in intentional falsehoods, just to get attention, the miracle medium called “social media” can be a problem.

Point here is, every family has issues and those issues are resolved amicably, Comfort FM Uyo owes no explanations to anyone on how it operates, long as all we do is standard international practice, we are just fine.

Our Able Chairman Senator Effiong Bob is a seasoned leader and is known to treat everyone with respect and dignity. He is a father to all of us here and goes out of his way to make sure whatever is demanded to make the daily runnings of Comfort FM smooth is provided. Even at a cost he most times has to bare personally.

Mr Jackson “The Family Man” our Station Manager, has an enviable broadcasting history and runs the Station with great confidence and a personal style unique only to him.

Our Executive Consultant, Mr Samson Akpan has many years of broadcasting experience and brings this to bare in building a brand that will outlive us all.

The staff members of Comfort Fm coexist as one big family, working to bring you quality broadcasting, daily. All of these are known facts.

Fake news media has gone on over-drive in recent days publishing half truths and mostly outright falsehood. This is totally unacceptable. But the good news is anyone who wishes to avoid fake news can do so easily, by reading through the lines and also completely avoiding mediums and news platform that specializes in gathering and disseminating fake news.

Make sure to listen to only media houses and groups committed to its mission of bringing truth and honesty to their everyday business.

We urge all well meaning citizens to pay these peddlers of falsehood no attention and continue to enjoy the marked difference that Comfort FM brings to broadcasting 24 hours of everyday.

We will do what it takes to demand that all media outlet respect our right to truth and stop using platforms like Facebook to publish viral untruths about us.

We understand the panic in the industry since we came on board with our special style and unique 24 hours run, that’s what makes us special, but no need to fret, the sky is big enough for all the birds to freely fly in. Copy us if you want to, we set the pace for that purpose.

We all share a common humanity and because we respect that, we demand the same from all other media houses.

Thank you and enjoy the remaining days of 2017 and have a fabulous new year ahead.

God bless us all..

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