ISRAEL Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was for the first time questioned by the police in a corruption case today. The case involves the country’s largest telecommunications company Bezeq. Along with two other corruption cases, in which the Prime Minister is suspected of bribery, the probes pose a serious threat to the four-term Prime Minister’s […]

ISRAEL Israel has started handing out notices to twenty thousand male African migrants giving them two months to leave the country or risk being thrown in jail. Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is offering the migrants, three thousand five hundred dollars and a plane ticket to what it says is a safe destination in another […]

#BreakingNews “Jerusalem is Israel’s capital” US President Donald Trump announces Jerusalem as the Capital is Israel, overturning decades of official US policy. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister has urged other countries to follow Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the country’s capital. Palestine’s have said Pres. Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital “does predetermine the […]

#NewsUpdate American Pres. Trump is said to be considering recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a highly charged declaration that could seriously risks inflaming tensions across the entire Middle East.

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